Classroom Instruction

John's Driving School is temporarily offering classroom instruction via a secure Zoom meeting due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Students are expected to be present and engaged during each lesson. Attendance will be monitored and students must be involved for the entire class. Please make sure your student has an environment that allows them to be uninterrupted for the 3-hour class. State rules require each student to have an audio and video connection to the class. Accordingly, students must attend teleconference classes on a laptop, tablet or desktop computer with camera and microphone capabilities.


Please note that online classes are offered temporarily. Online classes will transition to the traditional in-person classroom setting at our New Brighton location once the State of Minnesota allows in-person classes to resume.


Classroom training includes 10 lessons that are each 3 hours long.


You can start class the day you sign up and take the remaining classes as it is convenient for you.


Attend the first nine training classes in any order followed by a 10th session to review materials covered and complete the permit pre-test.

You can be done in as little as 3 weeks or in 6 months, whatever fits your schedule. 

No need to be here 10 days in a row like other driving schools.


Driver's Education Classroom
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Session (Mon - Thurs)

Course Fee $199

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